The Wolf Among Us Pt. 1

6th August 2017

I started playing The Wolf Among Us in June. 11th June to be precise. I enjoyed playing it but the game didn’t really take me. I know this because the second time I played it was… yesterday.

And even then, although I really did want to play it, I have to be honest and say that half of the reason I am playing it is because I want to clear my gaming decks for the new Life is Strange and Uncharted games that are being released soon.

I have storified my tweets from the 11th June session alongside yesterday’s and today’s. The reason for this is that there are far fewer of them overall than there were for The Last of Us. I knew that game pretty well before playing it so didn’t need to concentrate as much. The Wolf Among Us, however, I am a lot less familiar with so it needs a little more concentration and less tweeting.

My first impression of Wolf is that it is really is a sad story – just like fairy tales are, I suppose (the traditional ones, that is). Firstly, in the murders. Secondly, in the exile of the fairy tale characters from their homeland. Thirdly, in the way that they are forced to live – some in very reduced circumstances indeed. This sadness is in the fabric of the game. On the surface, it appears as a thoughtful-adventure story.

As of today, I have completed the first two episodes. Three are still to go.

Read my storify tweets here

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