The Last of Us Pt. 9

What happened? I forgot, that’s what happened. As you can see below, I wrote this post on 4th June. And then forgot to publish it. So here it is now. Pt.9 is the penultimate post in this series. I will publish Pt. 10 later on.
Sunday, 4th June 2017

I played The Last of Us for over four hours today only to lose my progress at the end… as it seemed at the time (fortunately, it was not so).

Before that hiccup, Joel was seriously injured and I got to play as Ellie who met one of the most evil human characters in the game – David. Or, is he not so much evil as just desperate? The Last of Us is not just a challenging game in terms of surviving but also in regards the moral dilemmas that it throws up from time to time.

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Credit Where It’s Due
Ellie Faces Off Against David: About Writing – The Personal Blog of Pace J Miller

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