The Last of Us Pt. 7

Monday, 29th May 2017

After a couple of weeks away from my console, I came back to The Last of Us on Monday. My thanks go to the Bank Holiday for giving me the time to sit down and play!

This session was not my longest but had some very different and interesting aspects to it.

Firstly, there was the joy of a friendly encounter when Joel and Ellie met father and son, Henry and Sam, who are also survivors of the infection plague. I say friendly – it was not without its rocky moments…

Secondly, there was the joy of actually being able to fire a good shot with my bow and arrow for once. Later on, I fired lots of very bad ones to make up for it.

And thirdly, as we made our way through the infection ravaged city of – ? (Is it Pittsburgh? I think Beardy Dude and Not Ellen Page were heading there) I stopped for once to take a closer look at the abandoned flat that I was passing through. From just looking at the paintings on the wall I was able to imagine the type of person who lived there. It was a very moving ‘encounter’.

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Credit Where It’s Due
Henry and Sam Ishokten (You Tube)

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