The Last of Us Pt.6

Sunday, 14th May 2017

I am writing these words on Wednesday, 17th May. I have to admit, I am really enjoying reading my tweets back and remembering what happened in the gaming session last weekend. Even though the session was sometimes quite a difficult one. Joel had to escape from the basement of a hotel with Infected (they whom I usually call zombies) after him, including the strongest of that ‘breed’, a bloater, who is very bad news to Joel’s health.

I really wanted to stay and fight but my lack of familiarity with the lay-out of the basement and the presence of the bloater meant that it was wiser to run, and run fast. So that’s what Joel did.

Eventually, he and Ellie escaped the hotel, and at the end, Ellie proved herself a hero by killing a baddie who was seconds away from killing Joel and took on the role of a sniper. The girl is only 14 but she is growing up fast.

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Credit Where It’s Due
Ellie and Joel in the hotel bathroom: Last of Us Wikia

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