The Last of Us Pt. 4

Sunday, 7th May.

This session of tweeting n’ playing The Last of Us was really enjoyable – partly because Beardy Dude (AKA Joel) finally got a weapon he could really take the fight to the zombies with but mainly because of the little details of the game that make it so much more than just a kill-the-zombies slugfest.

Namely, the church building and Bill’s (and Ellie’s) sexuality. My tweet discussion about which church/denomination the church building belongs to is frivolous, really, but discovering Bill’s sexuality (and Ellie’s, although this happened when I watched John of thejhnfiles play the game) meant a lot to me personally because representation is important.

As I say in one tweet, it doesn’t need to be obvious and in your face, for me, it just being there is enough.

Visit Storify to read the tweets.

Credit Where It’s Due
Portrait of Bill: The Last of Us Wikia

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