The Last of Us Pt.1 A Tale of Beards and A Girl Who Isn’t Ellen Page

I have started playing The Last of Us. This game and I go back a long way; well, to the last year or two. It started when I watched a fellow named John live stream the game as he played it on Twitch. John has his own blog, by the way; it’s much better than this one so why not pay him a visit here.

Back to the live stream. I enjoyed watching John play the game so much that I decided that one day I would do so myself. The only problem was I owned an Xbox and The Last of Us was a Playstation exclusive.

That might have been that except that late last year I came into a little money and so decided to treat myself – to a Playstation. After that, buying the game was only a matter of time.

The inevitable happened last weekend. To celebrate it, I started a new Twitter account that will be dedicated to my comments while and about game playing. Follow me @gettinggamed.

But if Twitter is not for you, fear not! I will be putting all my game tweets on Storify. Thus, why not visit there now to read: The Last of Us Pt. 1?

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