The Legend of Korra IV.8

In Remembrances

Mako takes a break from teaching Prince Wu martial arts to tell him about his relationship with Korra.

Korra tells Asami about how Toph Beifong told her that the world did not need the Avatar and how, looking at her past experiences in that role, Korra has come to believe she is right.

Varrick presents a highly distorted account of the first three series of The Legend of Korra that makes Bolin the  central hero instead of Korra.

All three stories are in their way entertaining. Mako’s is passionate, Korra’s poignant, and Varrick’s epic.

At first glance, however, none of the stories seem to have anything at all to do with the on-going story of Kuvira’s take over of the earth kingdom.

Now, I vaguely recall reading months ago that the programme makers were short on money and so filmed this episode – with its generous use of animation from the previous three series – in order to deliver an episode within the budget that they had.

I have to emphasise that my memory is vague so I don’t know if I have recalled the above correctly. If I have, though, I would still expect Remembrances to have relevance to Series IV as a whole. Otherwise, why not just make it a 12 part series?

Perhaps the contract stipulated 13 episodes. But if so, surely they could have woven it into the on-going story? Maybe they have and I just don’t know it yet.

Maybe Mako’s story will help make Prince Wu a better man, or that Tenzin’s kind words to Korra at the end of her tale will help her to become more confident and – perhaps – defeat the Dark Korra who still resides within her once and for all, or that Varrick’s— well, I really can’t imagine what relevance that story might have.

In truth, The Legend of Korra is of such good quality that even if Remembrances has nothing to do with what follows I shan’t mind too much. I hope, though, that for the sake of narrative perfection, that isn’t the case.

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