A literary Pilgrimage to Combe Florey

On Tuesday, 14th April I crossed the border from Devon to South-western Somserset to visit Combe Florey, the home of Evelyn Waugh.

Waugh moved into Combe Florey House in 1956, and lived there until his death ten ten years later.
When Waugh died he was buried next to the graveyard of the parish church, St Peter and St Paul. Here is his grave. As you can see, it is quite weather worn but the upper text is still legible. I found the lower text harder to read.

 Buried next to Waugh is his wife, Laura, who died in 1973.

And next to her is the grave of their daughter, Margaret Waugh.

As you can see from the first photograph, Combe Florey House is a real country house. It even has a gatehouse.   During our visit I poked my head round the corner from the gates and saw signs of people living there. After Evelyn Waugh died, his son Auberon inherited the house. Upon his death in 2001, ownership of the house passed to his wife Lady Teresa Waugh. She sold the property in 2008.

When I was at university (1993-97), I loved reading Auberon’s “Way of the World” column in The Daily Telegraph. He could be very controversial at times but was never not funny. It was a bonus that his columns were always accompanied by the ugly but brilliant sketches of Willie Rushton.

As I mentioned, Auberon Waugh died in 2001. He is buried in St Peter and St Paul’s second graveyard just down the road. If you are travelling to Combe Florey you can find it next to the parish hall. Keep your eyes open, though, as it is easily missed.

Evelyn Waugh and all deceased members of his family – Requiescant in Pace   

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