A Week With Words (1)

My literary life has been very up-and-down this week. Up till Wednesday, my reading went very well but as of today had I not opened a book late last night I should not have touched anything since Thursday. A week is a long time in politics but two days away from my regular reading cycle is too long enough for me.


The book that stopped me from being out to two ducks in a row is Maurice by E. F. Forster. He is one of my favourite authors on account of A Room With A View and Howards End. I read both these books years ago after seeing the famous Merchant Ivory films based on them so really it was high time I came back to him again.

Maurice is an interesting prospect. Forster wrote the book in 1913/4 but declined to publish it during his lifetime on account of its subject matter – homosexuality. Despite this, he revised the manuscript so that consideration could be given to its posthumous publication.

Forster, he remained uncertain as to whether this could, or rather should, happen. His typescript copy of Maurice was found after his death with the note ‘Publishable – but worth it?’ written on the cover. Well, I’ll soon find out.


In upcoming posts, I would like to talk about the other books that I have been reading – perhaps a line or scene that I have read. I have to admit my ideal blog post is one that says something Significant about its subject but between the book I am writing and my Alexander blog I just don’t have the time to do that at the moment. To be sure, I am undoubtedly getting ideas above my station thinking that I have anything ‘significant’ to say in the first place so I should be happy to make this a blog of little things.


Speaking of the The Book, I didn’t manage two shifts every night this week – but only because on Monday I attended a talk at the Hellenic Centre in London, given by Nick Hunt in support of his book Walking the Woods and the Water. In 2011, Hunt retraced Patrick Leigh Fermor’s footsteps across Europe and Walking the Woods is his account of that journey, the people he met, how much Europe has changed and so on. If you like Leigh Fermor this is a really good read. On Wednesday, I attended a concert to hear the violinist Nicola Benedetti and the Camarata Salzburg play Mozart’s fifth violin concerto. It was a super concert.

Having said all that, I was able to do some writing on Monday and Wednesday so they weren’t dead losses writing wise. However, I have found the writing process to be quite difficult due in part I think to not being quite sure how to write the particular scenes. But at least I have been writing.

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