Weekly Reading

It has been over a month since I updated the blog. For most of that time I have no real excuse; for the last week though, I do: I have been very busy writing a book.

I have been trying to write this book for a long, long time – nearly twenty years in fact – and keep stopping, starting, stopping, restarting. On Monday (2nd March), after several months of writing notes and a plot outline, I started again. My target is to write two hours every evening between Monday and Thursday and two hours at any given time on Saturday and Sunday. Once the chapter is written I intend to break the bad habit of a lifetime and NOT EDIT I REPEAT NOT EDIT what I have written until the book is finished.

Apologies for the capitals – they were not to impress my words upon you but myself. Past versions of the book have failed completely after I have become bogged down in editing and discouraged by my lack of progress in the enterprise as a whole.

Anyway, between Monday and Thursday I managed to keep to my target of two hours in the evening, which was a great boon. What it meant, however, is that I did not have much time for reading.

However, this does not mean that I did none at all. Knowing that the evening would provide little opportunity, I read for forty minutes in the morning.

I have a number of books on-the-go at the moment but this week I decided to focus on just one of them – David Hogarth’s Life of Charles M Doughty. I’ve been reading this book for a little while as part of a project to read all of Hogarth’s works. I found the first third to be rather stodgily written so decided to give the rest of the book special attention in order to get it out of the way. I finished the Life this morning.

According to the Note at the start of the book, Hogarth revised the first five chapters of the book (roughly the first half of it) before his death on 6th November 1927. Ironically, it is the first half of the book (actually, the first third if I’m being fair) that I found stodgy. The last two thirds were a much nicer read. I now look forward to starting my third Hogarth book – Accident’s of an Antiquarian’s Life.

I’m not sure if readers are interested in the other books I’m reading, but I’ll name them here as I would like in the future – on a weekly basis if possible, but if not certain two or three times a month – to write posts like this that give a little update what is on my reading list.

The books are:-

Bridget Jones’ Diary ‘Mad About The Boy’ (Helen Fielding)
The Lord of the Rings (J R R Tolkien)
The Hunt for Zerzura (Saul Kelly)

I am also reading fan fiction, specifically, a story titled Easier to Run by ‘pfangirl’ (here), which is based on the current version of the Tomb Raider video game franchise. The events of Easier to Run follow on from those depicted in the last Tomb Raider game, released in 2013. Gone is the smart, sassy, Lara Croft of previous games, to be replaced by an emotionally broken protagonist whose adventures take place in the context of a flight from love. It has the makings of a tragedy. I’ll speak more about the story when after I pick it up again next week.

I have at least one other book to add to the list above and one other fan fiction but I’ll keep their names secret until I have actually started them! That’s where I am now. I will do my best to write during the week or, if that is not possible, provide another update on Saturday. In the meantime, if you are reading or write a book related blog please do feel free to mention it in the comments. I would love to know about it.

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